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By on July 5, 2014

Category: Documentary
All Genres: Documentary
Release Year: 2014
Country: USA
Runtime: 103
Rating: 5.7 (271)
Languages: English
Director: Dinesh D'SouzaJohn Sullivan
Sound: Dolby Digital, Datasat

  • Imagine a World Without Her

  • Writing by: Dinesh D'Souza – (written by)
    John Sullivan
    Bruce Schooley

    Produced by: Michael B. Curylo – line producer
    Dinesh D'Souza – producer
    Gray Frederickson – consulting producer
    Gerald R. Molen – producer

    Cast: Russell W. Reed – Ford Theatre Stage Actor
    John Koopman – George Washington
    Tina Fortune – Hispanic Worker
    Casey Allen – Crew member
    Rodney Luis Aquino – Hernán Cortés
    Joey Arguello – East Indian
    Michael D. Arite – MAJ Henry Rathbone
    Oscar Azul – Officer
    Andrew Baker – Lucayan Indian
    Chad Baker – Gustave de Beaumont
    Katy Baker – Lincoln-Douglas Debate Audience Member

    Music: Bryan E. Miller
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot: A story that imagines that the United States lost the Revolutionary War and therefore never existed.

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