Remember Me

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By on March 9, 2010

Category: Drama
All Genres: Drama, Romance
Release Year: 2010
Country: USA
Rating: (0)
Languages: English
Director: Allen Coulter

  • Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller is done following orders

  • Writing by: Will Fetters – screenplay

    Produced by: Carol Cuddy – executive producer
    Trevor Engelson – producer
    Michael Lannan – associate producer
    Nick Osborne – producer
    Robert Pattinson – executive producer

    Cast: Caitlyn Rund – Alyssa Craig (11 yrs) (as Caitlyn Paige Rund)
    Moisés Acevedo – Mugger
    Noel Rodriguez – Mugger
    Kevin P. McCarthy – Police Chief (as Kevin McCarthy)
    Chris Cooper – Sgt. Neil Craig
    Robert Pattinson – Tyler Hawkins
    Athena Currey – Toothbrush Girl
    Lena Olin – Diane Hirsch
    Gregory Jbara – Les Hirsch
    Ruby Jerins – Caroline Hawkins
    Pierce Brosnan – Charles Hawkins

    Music: Marcelo Zarvos
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    Plot Outline: A romantic drama centered on two new lovers: Tyler, whose parents have split in the wake of his brother's suicide, and Ally, who lives each day to the fullest since witnessing her mother's murder.
    Plot: A romantic drama set in New York City during the summer of 2001, where Tyler (Pattinson), a rebellious young man, meets Ally (de Ravin) through a twist of fate. Her spirit helps him heal after a family tragedy, though soon the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart.

    Movie Quotes:

    Charles: [from trailer] Could do worse than have a father who bails you out of jail.
    Tyler: [from trailer] I don't wanna be bailed out of anything.

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