The Killer Inside Me

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By on June 20, 2010

Category: Crime
All Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Western
Release Year: 2010
Country: USA
Rating: (0)
Languages: English
Director: Michael Winterbottom

  • Revenge Gets Ugly

  • Writing by: John Curran – screenplay
    Jim Thompson – novel
    Michael Winterbottom – writer

    Produced by: Lilly Bright – executive producer
    Chad Burris – executive producer
    Andrew Eaton – producer
    Randolf S. Mendelsohn Esq. – executive producer
    Jordan Gertner – executive producer
    Chris Hanley – producer
    Susan Kirr – co-producer
    Bradford L. Schlei – producer
    Fernando Sulichin – executive producer
    Tricia van Klaveren – co-executive producer

    Cast: Casey Affleck – Lou Ford
    Kate Hudson – Amy Stanton
    Jessica Alba – Joyce Lakeland
    Ned Beatty – Chester Conway
    Elias Koteas – Joe Rothman
    Tom Bower – Sheriff Bob Maples
    Simon Baker – Howard Hendricks
    Bill Pullman – Billy Boy Walker
    Brent Briscoe – Bum / The Stranger / Visitor
    Matthew Maher – Deputy Jeff Plummer
    Liam Aiken – Johnnie Pappas

    Music: Melissa Parmenter
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline: A scorching indictment of the Mormon Church's historic involvement in the promotion & passage of California's Proposition 8 and the Mormon religion's secretive, decades-long campaign against LGBT human rights.
    Plot: A West Texas deputy sheriff is slowly unmasked as a psychotic killer.

    Movie Quotes:

    [from trailer]
    Buzz Lightyear: Hold on, this is no time to be hysterical!
    Hamm the Piggy Bank: This is the perfect time to be hysterical.
    Rex the Green Dinosaur: Should we be HYSTERICAL?
    Slinky Dog: No!
    Mr. Potato Head: Yes!
    Buzz Lightyear: Maybe! But not right now!
    Hamm the Piggy Bank: C'mon. Let's go see how much we're going for on eBay.

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