Valley of Flowers

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By on July 24, 2009

Category: 32
All Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Release Year: 2006
Country: India, France, Japan, Germany
Runtime: 155
Rating: (0)
Languages: Hindi, Japanese
Director: Pan Nalin
Sound: Dolby Digital

  • A Himalayan legend of love and longing.
  • Love is eternal, lovers not.
  • Passion and Peace can not live together.
  • Elixir of immortality is love.
  • Reality is caused by alchoholic deficiency.

  • Writing by: Anurag Kashyap – Hindi dialogue
    Pan Nalin – writer
    Sarah Shennib – co-writer

    Produced by: Jean-Baptiste Babin – co-producer
    Karl Baumgartner – producer
    Denis Carot – co-producer
    Christoph Friedel – producer
    Kenzô Horikoshi – associate producer
    Marie Masmonteil – co-producer
    Atsuko Ôno – associate producer
    Dilip Shankar – line producer
    Claudia Steffen – producer
    Mihir Upadhyay – co-executive producer

    Cast: Milind Soman – Jalan
    Mylène Jampanoï – Ushna (as Mylene Jampanoi)
    Naseeruddin Shah – Yeti
    Eri – Sayuri
    Jampa Kalsang Tamang – Jampala
    Anil Yadav – Hak-Chi
    Gou Ayano
    Reina Hara – Yuki
    Hiroshi Honjomaru – Senior Police Inspector
    Mitsuyo Ishigaki – Okada Chiharu
    Miura Masaki – Lead Protestor

    Music: Cyril Morin Rajesh Roshan
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    Plot Outline: A greatest Asian love story, an unforgettable tale about passion, death and reincarnation. A mesmerizing Himalayan epic that spans two centuries, from the Silk Route of the early 19th century to the bustling metropolis of modern-day Tokyo.
    Plot: Along the highest mountain passes of the Himalayas, tough, intrepid Jalan (Milind Soman) and his gang earn their living by stealing from unsuspecting travelers. Abiding by their own, unique codes of honor and dividing the spoils equally, all is routine until the arrival of the mystifying, beautiful Ushna (Mylene Jampanoi). Appearing mysteriously after the raid of a pilgrim caravan, Ushna adheres to Jalan, claiming to have seen him in her dreams, and refusing to leave his side. Sensing the unease of the rest of the men, Ushna offers to help them in their endeavors, under condition that they not ask why or how she is able to guide them to success. In the time that follows, Ushna leads the gang to tremendous exploits, gaining the respect of the men, and the admiration of Jalan, who begins to fall passionately in love with this mysterious woman. As their success increases, seemingly unstoppable, so the love between Jalan and Ushna mounts in intensity, until they seem to have entered a world of their own. No longer heeding of the world around them, Jalan and Ushna venture too far in their exploits, progressing from the theft of material objects to tampering with elements that should never be tampered with; stealing energy, luck and even the powers of levitation, the two cross over into the bounds of the supernatural. Word of the duo and their strange exploits reaches the shrewd, robust Yeti (Naseeruddin Shah), who takes after them with his three experienced bounty hunters. In the confusion of pursuit, Jalan and Ushna face a temporary separation, the shock of which drives each to desperation. Having lost luck, wealth and friends, the fated two are nevertheless fortuitously reunited. Their passion running higher than ever, they vow never to be separated again, even if this entails deceiving fate and cheating mortality. But life always reserves surprises.

    Movie Quotes: Yeti: Passion and peace can never live together.

    Crazy Credits: We know about 1 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    Most of all, thanks to all those people who extorted money from us. You know who you are… Bastards

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    Revealing mistakes: The hobo had pearly white teeth.

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