High School

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By on June 14, 2012

Category: Comedy
All Genres: Comedy
Release Year: 2010
Country: USA
Runtime: 99
Rating: 5.7 (3124)
Languages: English
Director: John Stalberg
Sound: Dolby Digital

  • Random drug tests? You just can't study for them.
  • Future going up in smoke? Make sure it's some primo shit.
  • Hit It June 1st

  • Writing by: Erik Linthorst – (screenplay) and
    John Stalberg – (screenplay) (as John Stalberg Jr.) &
    Stephen Susco – (screenplay)
    Erik Linthorst – (story) and
    John Stalberg – (story) (as John Stalberg Jr.)

    Produced by: Arcadiy Golubovich – producer
    Ryan Lewis – executive producer
    Erik Linthorst – associate producer
    Armen Mahdessian – associate producer
    Raymond J. Markovich – producer
    Olga Mirimskaya – executive producer
    B.J. Rack – line producer
    John Stalberg – executive producer (as John Stalberg Jr.)
    Stephen Susco – executive producer
    Warren Zide – producer

    Cast: Adrien Brody – Psycho Ed
    Sean Marquette – Travis Breaux
    Matt Bush – Henry Burke
    Colin Hanks – Brandon Ellis
    Adhir Kalyan – Sebastian Saleem
    Mykelti Williamson – Paranoid
    Michael Chiklis – Dr. Leslie Gordon
    Luis Chávez – Big Dave
    Max Van Ville – Little Dave
    Brett Kelly – Martin Gordon
    Joseph Julian Soria – Rubin

    Music: Harold Faltermeyer Freescha The Newton Brothers
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot: A random drug test coincides with a high school valedictorian's first hit of pot. With his college scholarship at stake, he enlists the school's biggest stoner to help nullify the results of the screening – by getting the entire student body high.

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