La nouvelle guerre des boutons

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By on October 14, 2012

Category: Adventure
All Genres: Adventure, Family
Release Year: 2011
Country: France
Runtime: 100
Rating: 5.5 (738)
Languages: French
Director: Christophe Barratier
Sound: DTS, Dolby Digital

  • The French Resistance came in all shapes and sizes.

  • Writing by: Stéphane Keller – (scenario) &
    Christophe Barratier – (scenario) &
    Thomas Langmann – (scenario)
    Stéphane Keller – (adaptation and dialogue) &
    Christophe Barratier – (adaptation and dialogue) &
    Philippe Lopes-Curval – (adaptation and dialogue)
    Louis Pergaud – (novel)

    Produced by: Daniel Delume – executive producer
    Thomas Langmann – producer
    Emmanuel Montamat – associate producer

    Cast: Jean Texier – Lebrac
    Clément Godefroy – Petit Gibus
    Théophile Baquet – Grand Gibus
    Louis Dussol – Bacaillé
    Harold Werner – La Crique
    Nathan Parent – Camus
    Ilona Bachelier – Violette
    Thomas Goldberg – L'Aztec
    Laetitia Casta – Simone
    Guillaume Canet – L'instituteur
    Kad Merad – Le père Lebrac

    Music: Philippe Rombi
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot: In occupied France, Lebrac leads a play war between two rival kid gangs, but his feelings for Violette, a Jewish girl in danger of being discovered by the Nazis, encourage Lebrac to face the reality of what's happening around him.

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