Mosquita y Mari

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By on August 14, 2012

Category: Drama
All Genres: Drama
Release Year: 2012
Country: USA
Runtime: 85
Rating: 4.7 (115)
Languages: Spanish, English
Director: Aurora Guerrero
Sound: Dolby Digital

  • Donald Trump
  • You've Been Trumped
  • Because Money and Power Should Not Cost the Earth

  • Writing by: Aurora Guerrero

    Produced by: Charlene Blanco Agabao – producer
    Chad Burris – producer
    Jenna Cedicci – line producer
    Ky Chaffin – executive producer
    Moctesuma Esparza – executive producer
    Simone Ling – executive producer
    Jose Martinez Jr. – executive producer
    Jim McKay – executive producer
    Heather Rae – executive producer

    Cast: Fenessa Pineda – Yolanda
    Venecia Troncoso – Mari
    Joaquín Garrido – Mr. Olveros
    Laura Patalano – Mrs. Olveros
    Dulce Maria Solis – Mrs. Rodriguez
    Marisela Uscanga – Vicky
    Melissa Uscanga – Vero
    Omar Leyva – Mr. Galvez
    Armando Cosio – Don Pedro
    Tonita Castro – Dona Herlinda
    Paul Alayo – Pablo

    Music: Ryan Beveridge
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot: After being assigned as study partners, two Chicana high schoolers find a bond that confuses them at times.

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