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By on December 14, 2012

Category: Fantasy
All Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Release Year: 2012
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 122
Rating: 6.4 (331)
Languages: Korean
Director: Sung-Hee Jo
Sound: Dolby Digital

  • Passion. Decadence. Destruction.

  • Writing by: Sung-Hee Jo

    Produced by: Sujin Kim – producer
    InBeom Yoon – producer

    Cast: Young-nam Jang
    Hyang-ki Kim
    Bo-yeong Park – Soon-Yi
    Joong-ki Song – Chul-Soo (wolf-boy)
    Yeon-Seok Yoo – Ji-tae

    Music: James Seymour Brett
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot: Summoned by an unexpected phone call, an elderly woman visits the country cottage she lived in as a child. Memories of an orphan boy she knew 60 years ago come flooding back to her.

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