Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

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By on April 1, 2014

Category: Drama
All Genres: Drama, Mystery
Release Year: 2013
Country: Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, UK
Runtime: 123
Rating: 7.1 (8660)
Languages: English
Director: Lars von Trier
Sound: Dolby Digital

  • In heroes we trust.

Writing by: Lars von Trier -

Produced by: Bettina Brokemper – co-producer
Marie Cecilie Gade – producer
Peter Garde – executive producer
Bert Hamelinck – co-producer
Marianne Jul Hansen – line producer
Peter Aalbæk Jensen – executive producer / producer
Maj-Britt Paulmann – line producer
Marianne Slot – co-producer
Sascha Verhey – line producer
Louise Vesth – producer

Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg – Joe
Stellan Skarsg̴rd РSeligman
Stacy Martin – Young Joe
Shia LaBeouf РJer̫me
Jamie Bell – K
Willem Dafoe – L
Mia Goth – P
Jean-Marc Barr – Debtor Gentleman
Michael Pas РOld Jer̫me
Morgan Hartley – B, 12 Years
Andrea Thompson – Joe’s Girlfriend, 12 Years

Music: Mica Levi
Official Website: Visit Website


Joe continues to tell to Seligman the story of her life. Joe lives with Jerôme and their son Marcel and out of the blue, she loses sexual sensation in intercourse. Joe seeks kinky sex, perversions and sadomasochism expecting to retrieve her sex drive. Jerôme leaves home with Marcel and gives his son to a foster house for adoption. Then Joe is sent to therapy by her gynecologist but she does not admit that she is addicted to sex. Meanwhile Seligman tells Joe that he is virgin and helps her to understand her actions. Joe believes that Seligman is her friend, but is he?



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