The Expendables 2

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By on August 14, 2012

Category: Action
All Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Release Year: 2012
Country: USA
Runtime: 103
Rating: 6.9 (114367)
Languages: English
Director: Simon West
Sound: Dolby Digital, Datasat

  • Back for War.

  • Writing by: Richard Wenk – (screenplay) and
    Sylvester Stallone – (screenplay)
    Ken Kaufman – (story) &
    David Agosto – (story) and
    Richard Wenk – (story)
    Dave Callaham – (characters) (as David Callaham)

    Produced by: Guymon Casady – executive producer
    Jason Constantine – executive producer
    Boaz Davidson – executive producer
    Danny Dimbort – executive producer
    Robert Earl – executive producer
    Jon Feltheimer – executive producer
    Basil Iwanyk – executive producer
    Avi Lerner – producer
    Danny Lerner – producer
    Matthew O'Toole – co-producer
    Trevor Short – executive producer
    Kevin King Templeton – producer
    John Thompson – producer
    Les Weldon – producer

    Cast: Sylvester Stallone – Barney Ross
    Jason Statham – Lee Christmas
    Jean-Claude Van Damme – Vilain
    Jet Li – Yin Yang
    Dolph Lundgren – Gunnar Jensen
    Chuck Norris – Booker
    Bruce Willis – Church
    Arnold Schwarzenegger – Trench
    Terry Crews – Hale Caesar
    Randy Couture – Toll Road
    Liam Hemsworth – Bill The Kid

    Music: Brian Tyler
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot: Barney Ross is approached by CIA man Church, who wants him and his guns for hire to go to the former Soviet Union to retrieve something that was on a plane that crashed. Church doesn't tell him what he is getting. And Church sends a woman, Maggie with him to make sure he gets it. They find the plane and get the thing but some men take one of Barney's people hostage and the leader tells him to give him what they got or he'll kill his hostage. The give it to him but he kills his hostage anyway. Barney asks Maggie what was so important about that thing. She says that it showed the location of a Russian plutonium storage mine. Barney decides to track the man down and deal with him. They track them down and discover that the man they seek is Vilain who leads a group known as The Sangs and that they have taken all the men from the surrounding villages to work the mine.

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